King 625 "Diplomat" Baritone - 3 valve, .562" bore, 11" bell front bell, three front action nickel plated pistons, pull rings on 1st and 2nd slides, clear lacquer. (available with upright bell and/or silver plate).

King 2266 "Artist" Baritone - 4-valve, .562 bore, 11" bell-front bell, front action pistons, 1st and 2nd valve pull rings, 3rd valve throw ring, clear lacquer. Also available with upright bell.

Holton 628SP "Diplomat" Euphonium - 3 valve, .580" bore, 11" upright bell, three top-action nickel-plated pistons. Also available in clear lacquer.

King 2280 "Legend, Soloist" Euphonium - 4 valve, .580 primary bore, .600" 4th valve bore, 11" upright bell, top-action pistons, spring-loaded 3rd slide w/throw ring, clear lacquer. Also available in silver plate

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