Protect Your Instrument with Extended Maintenance Coverage  

Extended the life of your instrument with protection against costly repairs. One low rate for 12 months protection. Renewable each year.

  Instrument must be examined and approved by our technicians prior to coverage. New instruments purchased from Don Wilson Music are automatically eligible.  

To obtain coverage open the PDF bellow print sign and bring with the instrument to Don Wilson Music for approval.

To renew coverage print and and mail to Don Wilson Music

275 Southland Drive Southland Drive Lexington Ky 40503


All repairs and adjustments will be made to keep the covered instrument in good playing condition. Covered instruments receive priority service. Coverage dose not include restoration of finish, repairs due to abuse, negligence, fire, loss or theft. Reeds, mouthpieces, ligatures, strings and other accessories are not included.

Covered Instruments

Flute Piccolo

Oboe Clarinet

Alto and Tenor Sax

Cornet Trumpet and French Horn

Trombone Baritone

Euphonium Tuba

Woodwind Instruments Brass Instruments String Instruments

Pads, corks, springs and felts will be replaced as needed. Leak check, repair, regulation and lubrication of mechanism. Body repairs including bent post, tone holes, and cracks in wood clarinet bodies and tenons and exterior cleaning and polishing are not covered.

Corks, felts, pads and springs will be replaced as needed. Frozen mouthpieces, vales and tuning slides pulled. Necessary repairs such as solder joints, reachable dents, piston and rotor repairs and trombone slide alignment as needed. Chemical cleaning will be done when necessary.

Setup, adjustments, bridges, nuts, tuning pegs and tail-pieces will be repaired or replaced as needed. Edge seams and fingerboard are glue as needed. Broken necks and badly damaged bodies are not covered.

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