Conn 8D "CONNstellation" - This all nickel horn has been a staple of symphony orchestras for decades. It features a .468 bore with a 12-14/" large throat bell, tapered rotors and bearings with a fully mechanical change valve and adjustable levers customizable for any player.

Conn 8DS "CONNstellation" - Just like the 8D, but with screw bell option. Includes compact backpack style case.

Conn 11D "Symphony" - With a Geyer-style .468 bore, this yellow brass cousin of the 8D is meant to be heard. The 12" medium throat bell focuses the sound of the horn, making it a great choice for high register playing.

Conn 11DS "Symphony" - The screw bell model of the 11D.

Holton H178 "Farkas" - The Farkas series horns have earned their spot at the top of the french horn world. One of our best sellers, the H178 features yellow brass construction, with a medium throat 12.25" hand-hammered bell and solid nickel silver slides. Beautiful craftsmanship combines with perfect engineering making this horn look as good as it sounds.

Holton H278 "Farkas" - The screw bell model of the H178.

Holton H179 "Farkas" - With all nickel silver construction, this .468 bore horn offers a warmth of tone which is excels in the orchestra setting. Its features a 12.25" large throat bell, and solid nickel inner and outer slides.

Holton H279 "Farkas" - The screw bell model of the H179.

Holton H105 - The Holton H105's technological and acoustical flexibility enables the artist to perform accurately in a wide range of performance situations. Its two interchangeable mouth pipes with newly developed tapers make it easy to switch between work in small chamber ensembles and large symphony orchestras.

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