The Don Wilson Music School Instrument Rental Plan
Here at Don Wilson Music we carry name brand instruments for rental

All rental payments apply to the purchase price

No Interest!

Return instrument any time with no penalty

Rentals available on New & Rental Returns

Rental Returns are serviced before each rental

Maintenance & Replacement Coverage included on All Rentals*

*M&R: Repair or Replacement of instrument due to Damage or Total Loss

Repairs are done in house By Certified Repair Technicians

Service is available at your school by our Experienced Road Representatives


Q: How do I rent an instrument?

A: All you have to do is come into our store and fill out a short rental contract. All you need is a valid major credit card, driver's license, and your first monthly rental payment.

Q: What if my child decides he/she doesn't want to be in the band/orchestra after we rent the instrument?

A: We realize that the average 5th and 6th grader can be fickle; because of this, we rent all of our instruments on a month-to-month basis. You can return the instrument at any time with no early termination fee.

Q: What happens if the instrument needs to be repaired? What if the instrument is stolen?

A: Included in every Don Wilson Music rental fee is a small Maintenance and Replacement allowance. This fee ($2.00 to $5.00) will take care of any repair you may need during your rental.* Also, in the event the instrument is stolen or damaged beyond repair, we will replace it.

Q: How does the Rent-to-Own program work?

A: We apply 100% of each month's rental fee towards the balance of your instrument. Every month you will receive a billing statement. If you choose you may also pay the balance off early.

Q: What if my orchestra student needs an undersized violin, viola, or cello?

A: In our orchestral leasing program we allow you to trade up to larger sized instruments as your student grows, keeping half of the credit paid in on the rental. This credit can then be applied toward the purchase of a FULL-SIZED instrument once the student reaches that size.

*Maintenance Plan does not cover strings, reeds, lost mouthpieces, or cleaning

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