A repair shop to cover all of your needs, whether you are a student or professional. We can get your horn back in it's top playing condition, and not charge you an arm and a leg for service.
Monte Wilson is a NAPBIRT certified repair technician with 16 years of experience. He specializes in professional and student woodwind and brass repair. Ask a repair question?



Woodwind Repair




Tenon/Head Corks

Dent Work

Bent Body

Realign Bell

Refit Neck Tenons

Tone Holes


and much more!



Brass Repair


Valve Work

Solder Work

Dent Work

Pull Slides

Trombone main Slide repair


Water key (spit valves)

and much more!


String Repair

FREE Tuning

Restring and replacement of broken strings

Set and fit sound-post

Bridge fitting

Reset fingerboard

and more!



Percussion Repair

Head Changes on

Drumset, Concert and Marching Percussion instruments

as well as tambourines

Frame repair and re-stringing of

xylophone, vibraphone, marimbas

Replacement of hoops, lugs, tension rods, washer and nuts with name brand parts from Pearl, Ludwig and many others




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