Selmer SAS280R "La Voix II" Alto - A great choice for the player who wants top quality saxophone with affordability. This horn features an engraved yellow brass body and keys with a high f# key, adjustable right hand thumb-rest and backpack style case. Also available in black nickel plate, copper brass, and silver-plate at no extra charge!

Selmer Paris 52JU "Series II" Alto Jubilee Edition- A staple of the Selmer Paris line, the Series II is hand-engraved with a clear lacquer body and keys. It has a high F# key, and ribbed construction. A wide variety of finishes are available (prices vary).

Selmer Paris 62J "Series III" Alto Jubilee Edition- One of the finest examples of Selmer engineering, the Series III is made from a brass alloy different from the Series II, and includes both a high F# key and C# resonance key. Mini-ribbed construction for ultimate response. Here are the available finishes (prices vary).

Selmer Paris 72 "Reference 54" Alto - Built in the spirit of the legendary Mark VI is available in either a dark lacquer with hand engraving, or a matte finish without engraving.

Vintage 1937 Selmer Paris "Balanced Action" Alto - "Balanced Action" 1937 model. This horn has not been overhauled and is still in great condition! It's over 70 years old and it still sings! A precursor to the legendary Mark VI, the Balanced Action horn was the choice of fine sax connoisseurs. Click here for pics.

Vintage 1966 Selmer Paris "Mark VI" Alto - "Mark VI" 1966 model. This horn has not been overhauled and is in great playing condition. Click here for pics.

Selmer STS280R "La Voix II" Tenor - A perfect choice for the intermediate player. The La Voix series offers a combination of Selmer quality and affordability allowing anyone to find her voice. Available in stunning black nickel plate, silver plate, or copper finishes at no extra charge!

Selmer Paris 54JU "Series II" Tenor Jubilee Edition - Featuring a hand-engraved clear-lacquer body with lacquer keys, the Model 54 excels not only in sound, but in beauty. It is available in a wide variety of finishes

Selmer Paris 64J "Series III" Tenor Jubilee Edition - Like its alto counterpart, the Series III tenor features mini-ribbed construction for freer resonance. It also is constructed of a special brass alloy unique to the Series III. For a look at available finishes, click here (prices vary, alto pictured).

Selmer Paris 74 "Reference 54" Tenor - The Mark VI lives again! The Reference Series has been greatly successful due to the precision in which Selmer has managed to capture the feel and tone of the original Mark VI. Play this horn once, and you'll see where the legend comes from. It's available in a vintage matte, non-engraved finish, or with a hand-engraved dark lacquer body.

Selmer Paris 84 "Reference 36" Tenor - Built in the spirit of the 1936 Balanced Action horns, the Reference 36 Tenor lends itself to the voice of classic jazz. Available in vintage matte, no engraving, or dark lacquer with engraving.

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