Bach TB200B - This is an excellent trombone for the beginner who wants to step-up to an F attachment. It features an 8" yellow brass bell and outer-slide, with a clear lacquer finish. It includes a genuine Bach 6.5 AL mouthpiece.

Bach 36BO "Stradivarius" - Handcrafted in the USA, the Stradivarius series trombones are some of finest in the world. The 36BO features an open wrap for freer airflow through the horn, and its 8" hand-hammered yellow brass bell provides maximum resonance. .525" ML bore.

Bach 42BO "Stradivarius"- One of the most popular F attachment trombones in the world, the 42BO offers a .547" large bore with an 8.5" hand-hammered yellow brass bell, yellow brass outer slide, and a clear lacquer finish.

Conn 88HO "Symphony" - Featuring a .547" primary bore with a .562" open wrap, the 88HO offers playability and versatility. With a beautiful rose brass bell and outer slide, the 88HO produces a richness of tone ideal for concert applications.

Conn 88HCL"Symphony" - This horn offers all the features of the 88HO with the patented CL2000 Christian Lindberg rotor system. This cutting edge rotor valve is lightweight and because of its design, works 40% faster than other rotors.

King 2102 "Legend 2B" - A classic jazz trombone, the King 2102 has a .481/.491 dual bore with a 7- 3/8" yellow brass bell and nickel silver outer slides giving it excellent response and an upper-range kick.

King 2103SGX "Legend 3B" - With a .508 bore, 8" sterling silver bell, and gold trim, the SGX is a sight, and sound, to behold. This beautifully crafted instrument excels in both response and playability.

Bach 50BO "Stradivarius" Bass Trombone - An ideal instrument for a player making the transition to bass trombone, the 50BO features a one piece, hand-hammered, 9.5" yellow brass bell and single rotor system. Another superb example from the Stradivarius series.

Conn 62HG "Greenhoe" Bass Trombone - With its double independent rotor system, the 62HG features the world famous Greenhoe Valve, 9.5" rose brass bell, and interchangeable leadpipe for versatility in any playing situation.

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